Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as these are the governing factors for the use of DoDeals.net that includes any content, functionality, and the services offered on or over "DoDeals.net".

If you are using the site and creating an account with DoDeals.net, you accept and agree to be bound and abide by the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy provided on the site. If in any case, you do not want to agree to the terms and conditions of the site then you must not use or access the site. For more detailed policies surrounding the activity and the usage of the site. If in any case, you do not want to agree with the Terms & Conditions, and the privacy policy found here; you should not access the site as well.


Moreover, our customer support team is available round the clock if you have any queries with the terms & conditions and the privacy policy of our site.



For selling and purchasing products, we allow only our registered users to sell and purchase through DoDeals.net. The site is available for open use for users no less than 16 years of age. In any case of you are 16 years or less than you must not use the site and the services provided herein.


An Overview:

- Only the registered users can buy and sell through DoDeals.net; moreover, the registration with DoDeals.net is free and we do not charge any registration cost.

- The buyer has to pay in advance for purchasing the products through DoDeals.net

- DoDeals.net charges a certain amount of 5% fee from the buyer during the transaction as a transaction fee.

- DoDeals.net reserves all the rights of using all the published products on DoDeals.net for sites' promotion and marketing.

- Users are not allowed to pay through or use any other methods of payments other than the one provided on the site.

- We at DoDeals.net care for your privacy; please carefully read our privacy policy as these are the part of our terms and conditions.



Cookies are some small files that get stored on the users' PC. These cookies are designed in a way that they hold a modest amount of data that is specific to a particular client and the website. These cookies can either be accessed by the clients' computer or the web server. This helps the server in delivering a tailor-made page to the user. This tailor-made page can contain a script which is aware of the data that is there in the cookie, and so is capable of carrying information from users' one visit to the site or some related site to the next.


How do do-deals use cookies?

Few cookies are just used to gather a statistics about the number of visitors visiting the particular site and others are used for optimizing the operating system the user is using and which browser our users are coming from. With the help of cookies, we get to learn how our sites are being used and which of the pages are more or less popular. The information stored in the cookies help us in optimizing our site in a much better way.

The cookies that we are using allow us to store the following information about our visitors:

- IP address that is de-characterized.

- Location: Including visitor's country, region, city, the approximate latitude and longitude (geo localization).

- Date and time of the call.

- The page title of the page visited.

- URL of the page visited.

- Screen resolution of the visitor's screen.

- Time of the visitor's time zone.

- Files that the visitor's clicks and download.

- Links to the outbound links.

- The page load time.

- Device ID with operating system's version.

- Promotions and Events.


Information about our cookies:

The information that we collect is totally anonymous and it contains no personal information. We are using both of our sessions.


Session Cookies:

Session cookies are those that are used when you are active on the site and the rapidly close as soon as you close the browser. Session cookies make your navigation on the site easier. For example, while using the site sometimes the user store/fill some data in any of the contacting forms provided on the site; session cookies makes it easier for you if you might need to re-enter the data.


The Third Party Cookies:

The Third Party Cookies are those that are placed on user system's hard disk. These can be set by the services that you might have chosen to share the content by using the "share" button for sharing the site's content through the number of social share platforms. Neither Google nor any other social share service shares the content. Our association with Google lets us know how the site is being used by the users.


Persistent Cookies

The Persistent Cookies gets stored on the user's PC's files for a specific amount of time until either the server that has them or you; erase them. When you return to the site in future, these cookies help you in reminding where you have left and allows you to recognize on your return.


The Seller:

- Each order that you sell profitably grows your account financially with a certain amount of percentage depending on the total order amount.

- Check out the definition of "Orders" below for getting more information how DoDeals.net mark any order as completed.

- The revenue may be taken out of the dashboard of DoDeals.net only after a break time of 14 days.

- Refunds from the seller's account may be disabled until our Trust & Safety team reviews the accounts thoroughly. This is only done to avoid all attempts of any kind of fraudulent services or transactions.

- If there is any cancellation against any of the purchased products; the funds are then returned to the buyer's purchases balance.

- For withdrawing money from DoDeals.net the sellers can only use any of the options provided on DoDeals.net.

- The seller's ratings are totally based on the reviews of buyers against them. High rated sellers are more likely to get more orders from their buyers.


The Income Deductions:

- For withdrawing your earnings you must have an account with one of the options provided on DoDeals.net.

- Revenues to the user are only made available from the Revenue Page once a break-out time period of no less than 14 days is completed after the successful completion of product selling.

- If the user is willing to withdraw the amount from his account he must click on one of the options provided on DoDeals.net for withdrawing money from it.

- Repurchases of products can only be made with the leftover available funds in the account.

- The deduction fees vary with the issuer/method being used.

- Payment of Taxes like VAT, municipal charges, and other fees: The seller is required to check this on their own as. DoDeals.net is not at all responsible for any payment f seller's fees or expenses.




- Buyers on DoDeals.net are not allowed to offer any other means of payment methods other than that provided on the site.

- DoDeals.net reserves the rights to use published products for site's promotion and marketing.


Buy From:

- Buyers have to pay DoDeals.net for making an order from a buyers order proposal. 

- Gigs at DoDeals.net can be purchased using the credit cards, Bank Deposit, PayPal, DoDeals.net's Swith, and are available for Swedish customers only. (Gigs fall down in your account as soon as your money starts reflecting on DoDeals.net's account).

- Some processing fee is added up at the time of purchase that can be reviewed by the buyer and later the total amount can be accepted by the buyer that is requested to pay. This fee includes the administrative fee and payment processing fee. However, you are making your purchases from the seller's balance or buyer's purchase balance, no processing fee should be charged.

- Funds returned from cancelling any of the products should not be including the processing fees.

- Buyers are not allowed to ask sellers to pay by means of any payment method other than that provided on DoDeals.net.

- The balance amount in buyer's account automatically gets applied to the next purchases are made; only if it completes the whole amount of purchases made.




- As soon as the payment is made, your order will be created.

- Sellers must deliver completed files in governs the proof of the services they have mentioned in their Gig.

- The delivery button must not be misused by the sellers for misleading the policies mentioned in our terms and conditions.

- If the order received by the buyer does not match up with the files provided, the buyer can put a dispute by pushing the "some problem" button and this will lead in decremented ratings of the seller. This may also lead to the suspension of the product being sold leading to bad ratings against the seller.

- The order will be marked completed as soon as it is received and reviewed by the buyer. The order will automatically be marked as complete if there is no change request against it within three days or there are no disputes from the buyer's end. The order will then be automatically marked as complete.

- We always want our buyers as well the sellers to try resolving their conflicts at their individual level using the "Take Action" button on the order page.


The Reviews:

The feedback reviews of the buyers are a method of showing a historic view of the buyer's overall experience and is an important part of the DoDeals.net's classification system. Buyers are requested to actively notify the problems that are associated with the seller's active products/services. Leaving a feedback against the product/seller is a basic right of the buyer. However, these reviews won't be removed until there is a clear violation provided according to DoDeals.net's terms of use.

Moreover, to overcome/avoid abuse of our feedback management system all of the reviews must come from the legitimate sales system through DoDeals.net's platform from the registered users of the site. If found any of the purchases arranged or determined for raising the ratings of the seller will automatically lead to account suspension. Additionally, if found abusing the DoDeals.net's platform artificially will also lead to the permanent account suspension of all related accounts.

The feedback comments will be displayed publicly on the seller's gig page. However, cancellation of an order will not support the removal of feedback until mutually agreed.


Disputes and Cancellations:

We cheer our buyers to resolve their conflicts for the good of both the parties. However, if buyers face any problems or failure falls in between; they are requested to contact DoDeals.net's customer support team.

If in any case, you are sending a transactional dispute o refunding the payment made through your payment provider than it violates our terms of service. Even if you do; your account will be kept on temporary hold. The ability of cancellation of an order will be assessed by our customer support team that will be based on a number of factors that includes: violations of terms of service, General Abuse, and the incorrect use of DoDeals.net.



DoDeals.net never pays back to your cancelled orders direct to your payment provider or your bank accounts. Funds from ordered orders are saved to buyer's balance as a credit balance and can later be used for future purchases. However, this credited amount does not include the processing fee. In accordance of preventing fraud, we have a specified number of repayment attempts that a buyer can make, which is also subjected to review by our customer support team. Additionally, such refunds may be including some additional fee.



The user may be alerted to their account for the violations related to the DoDeals.net terms of service or the utilities reported to our trust and security team. A general warning email would be sent to the user's email address. These alerts never put the user's account on temporary holds but your account could be placed on permanent closure due to the seriousness of violations.


Unauthorized Use:

DoDeals.net does not support the following unauthorized use of product and services:

- DoDeals.net never allows any unauthorized use of the site like adult oriented and pornography stuff.

- Slang and Behaviour: communication over DoDeals.net is strictly bounded to be friendly yet professional and constructive. DoDeals.net never ignores bullying, harassment or any such related cases.

- We take the matters of phishing and spam very seriously on DoDeals.net. Attempts of publishing malicious software and content in order to compromise with another deal with other user's account or system are strictly liable.

- Privacy and Identity: None of the buyers as well as sellers are allowed to disclose other person's identity or privacy.

- Illegal uses: None of the members are allowed to use DoDeals.net for illegal purposes.

- DoDeals.net will strictly respond to the Intellectual Property Rights. Such as imitation of trademark, or any other copyright issues.


Abuse and spam:

For preventing fraud and abuse; people are restricted to the usage of only one active account. Any other accounts found misleading the DoDeals.net's group or promoting competitive advances; will be immediately disabled permanently.

NOTE: All actions taken against the violations of DoDeals.net's Terms of Service will lead to permanent account cancellations of or all related accounts.

Targeting Abuse: DoDeals.net never accepts the users who abuse, defame or harass other users. If found guilty; could put the one on problems.

Selling or Purchasing: Any sales and purchase of accounts associated with DoDeals.net are not at all allowed.


Terms and Conditions:

- DoDeals.net reserves all the rights to put an account on hold or put them on permanent closure due to the violations of the terms of use or because of the improper use of the site.

- Violations of the services provided on DoDeals.net could put your accounts on permanent account hold or may permanently close your subscription with DoDeals.net.

- A user who has inactivated account will not be allowed to make any sale or purchases.

- Users who have violated the DoDeals.net's terms of service should contact the support team for their account's status.

- Seller's will be able to withdraw their amount from their DoDeals.net's account as soon as the time-out period of 45 days gets completed.

- Any disputes on the DoDeals.net site should be handled by using the Dispute Resolution Tool provided on the site.

- DoDeals.net own the right of making changes to the terms of service with time. As soon as a new set of terms of service is created it will be immediately published here on the site, hence users are required to check the terms of service occasionally.


User-generated content:

User-generated content is that which is created by the users in opposition to the content that is already created on the site. All content that is uploaded to the site by the users is totally the user-generated content. DoDeals.net encourages all of its users to report violations of terms of service with its owner's evidence. The reported content should be immediately disabled by the DoDeals.net.

Moreover, DoDeals.net is NOT responsible for the quality, service or content offered by the seller. DoDeals.net provides zero warranty for these gigs and delivery. We are not at all responsible for any communication made between the buyers and sellers.

Sellers who are advertising their gigs must have rights complying with the advertising agencies and the terms of use; failure in doing so may lead to permanent disabling of their accounts. 

NOTE: If DoDeals.net finds any of the accounts to be repeating the infringement; we hold all the rights to put their accounts on permanent holds.



Unless stated; the ownership on the Seller's gig page or description; once the work is delivered or paid, the buyer will get all the intellectual rights including the copyright of the work delivered by the seller and later, the seller waives all moral rights. The delivered work should be regarded as the work for rent and if this work does not meet the requirements or when the Copyrighted Act does not applies; the seller than definitely agrees to assign the buyer the copyright to the delivered work. All transfers and assignments of the intellectual property rights to the buyers shall be subjected to the full payment of gig as well as the delivery; the payment could be terminated for any of the reasons. Some of the gigs n the site use additional charges as these could be the commercial usage gigs that may require a Commercial User License. In other words, if you are buying gigs for personal use; you own all rights you need for such uses and there will not be any requirement of the commercial license.


The sellers are bound for maintaining the privacy of the information received from the buyer which is not available in the public domain. This provided information shall not be used for any of the other purposes apart from the delivery of the work.


Commercial User License:

If a buyer purchases a commercial user license with his order, the seller would have to give him an everlasting, non-transferable, and an exclusive worldwide license that he shall use with the purchased delivery for all Authorized Commercial Purposes. The "Permissible commercial purposes" means the business-related use (could be any), web pages, advertising, promotion, integration into products/software, etc., and excluding strictly immoral and illegal purposes.



We might record everything you do at our site and its pages and that we save it on our database as well. But the information we do not save are:

- Password

- Credit Card Details

- Bank Account Details



DoDeals.net will never ask for your password!

You are responsible for keeping your password safe at your end. Moreover, we always recommend that you should change your password often for security purposes.


Termination or Closed account:

Termination of your account can only be done through Ticket (https://dodeals.net/Support/).

For termination, you must enter full details. When Ticket is closed/terminated, your account is closed and you can never log in again. This will not allow you to sign up with the same email address.


Leftover money in your account:

If your account is terminated or closed and there are funds left in your account, then you will not be entitled to a payment on the total, the total amount will be due to DoDeals.net.

Therefore, it is very important that you make sure your withdrawals before you cancel your account.


Termination of Account:

If your account is terminated by us, this may be due to the following reasons:

- You might have been violating or unpleasant with our customer support. If such thing happens, your account would be immediately locked/terminated.

- You might have violated one or more points that are mentioned in our Legal Agreements.



- You are yourself responsible for entering the correct account details for transferring money to your account wherever you wish to deposit the money. We are not responsible for later on check-ups.

- If once we have approved your withdrawal; you can NOT undo this withdrawal.

- The withdrawal limit for payment is bounded to 500 SEK.

- One (1) free withdrawal per calendar month, with starting from 1st of a month to the end of the same month.

- If you are making more than one withdrawals in the same month than we will be deducting 5% from the withdrawal sum that directly goes under the administration fee.

- We accept/process your withdrawals within three (3) business days.


Transferring your account to someone else:

You are never allowed to transfer, give, or sell your account to another person or company. If this happens; we held all rights of immediately cancelling your account/registration with us.


Requiring Documents:

We may require you to submit some documents, e.g. copy of your driving license, passport, bills to determine that it is really you. This is a security management for both of us; to avoid abuse of other people's personal data. We never give or sell your information outside our company.



You accept as long as you have an account on DoDeals.net you can only cancel it from the newsletters once your account is closed. In case of the visitors (no account), who signed up for subscribing to newsletters, the visitor has the right to easily cancel his subscription by clicking "unsubscribe" or in the email. You also agree to receive advertising from both us and our partner's advertisements.


Use your info:

In case of any trial of case/court, police investigation or court order, we have all the rights to use any of the information that is provided by you.

Although, if we need to use all your information for defending ourselves if anything negative happens to us than we have right to use the information.


In case of dispute or trial against a paragraph, or another paragraph shall apply. You have no right to use any new information if you are indulged with us in any sorts of disputes.

We have the right to deny or respond to your dealings with us if we believe it could damage our company or our staff.



DoDeals.net can be constantly changing its Legal Agreement. You may not assume that it remains the same and agrees to check the terms each time you visit the site for changes. If not, in the sole opinion of the site, these terms change as drastically as to propose a posted notification on the site or via email, without any prior notification of changes to these Terms. Your continuation with site usage always proves that you accept the terms of www.dodeals.net or any changes.






DoDeals.net, no liability, user's responsibility or their licenses, services, employees, or directors shall themselves be responsible for the damage made to any of the rights that fall under any legal theories. The inability of use of the site, or any other linked websites, content provided on the site, or any of the services or items provided on the site including all the direct or indirect, incidental damages; but not limited to the personal damages, and all that what is involved by incorrect means.



If there is any dispute that occurs between DoDeals.net and the user; the following shall be applied:

- Account blocking of the customer.

- The customer is not allowed to make any disclosure of the information that has brought an action against DoDeals.net.

- If involved in any disputes with DoDeals.net; the customer would have to pay all of his expense like the travel, translator, accommodation, etc.

- The dispute trial should be in Swedish Speeches and letters and should be performed in the Swedish Court with abiding by the Valid Swedish Laws.



If you do NOT AGREE or oppose any one or more paragraphs, then you have no right to visit the site or create any of the accounts on DoDeals.net. In such cases, you must leave the homepage immediately!

For questions or if you are not satisfied or want to suggest any improvements, please contact Support at:  www.dodeals.net/Support.